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Hi, First off thanks for a great product!

I am relatively new to Substance Designer and Substance Player. In my workflow I need to render out textures that I use in Maya following the Mari UDIM naming convention. I use Substance Player to render out a sequence for each UDIM tile. I set the fps to 1 so that each frame corresponds to one tile. It would be nice if the start frame would be respected in the final file name. If I set the start frame to 5 the rendered image sequence will still start at 0.

And it would also be really great if a period in the naming pattern would not be replaced with an underscore.

To give an example of what I mean:

Lets say that I want to render out a sequence of 10 frames to be used as Mari UDIM. Then I would set the naming pattern to "%F_%O_10##" and I would get "test_emissive.1001.png, ..." right now this does not work sine the sequnce will start at 0 and the underscore will be replaced. Of course the files can always be renamed afterwards but it would be super handy if the pattern were a bit more flexible so that we could tailor it to our needs.

Thanks again,

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