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Sorry for the delay, we've got the UE 4.22 release out and are working on the Houdini 17.5, 3ds Max 2020 and Modo 13 updates. We're finishing up a new Maya plugin as well as a major focus, which should be in beta next week, and after that we should be finishing up Modo 13.

We have a ticket in for that now, so we'll try to get that in.

What version of the plugin are you using?

The 1.2.4 version that ships with Maya 2018 likely won't load newer sbsars, as the engines are old. The 1.4.1 version should have better compatibility with newer sbsars. This is available on our website.

We're about to enter beta for the 2.0.0 release of the plugin, which should be much more stable, and will be available for Maya 2018 and 2019.

Hi Sam,

I can ask Gaetan if he does anything with this anymore. The integrations team doesn't work on this, although we're looking at adding a proper live link from Painter to 3ds Max. This should be a much better solution in the long term.


Hi all,

The plugin currently goes through 3ds Max's systems for settings. I can look at whether that's easily available for edit and what settings there are.

For the new Maya integration, we moved the settings to our own configuration file. I can look at whether we need to do this for Max as well, as I think it's important to be able to distribute a configuration file for render servers.

Hi all,

We're working on getting a plugin for 17.5, but there's a lot going on right now, so it might be a bit.

UE4 4.22, Houdini 17.5, 3ds Max 2020, Modo 13, and our rewrite of the Maya integration have all occurred around the same time, so it will take a bit of time for us to address all of these on top of the improvements we're trying to do.

Are the servers you tested with headless, or do they have a monitor of some kind?

There may be an issue with backburner on headless machines that we need to investigate.

It looks to me like it's rendering with the default outputsize and not with what was saved. That may be a limitation of how the UI panels were built, how the plugin was designed to work with the Maya attribute system is a big issue that we know about.

This should be fixed in the 2.0.0 release, which will be soon. We should be in beta for that whenever I finish up the final installer toolchain for it.

We're finishing up 4.22, it's in final testing and we should have an update request with Epic soon. If all is best, we should be out by the end of the week.

The delay right now is ensuring it works correctly on all supported platforms, including Xbox one and PS4, which takes time even if the plugin has been built.

We tested it with many renderers, including Arnold, VRay 3.60 and Corona.

One of the things we would like to do in the future is natively interface with the translators for some of these renderers, which should allow it to work with standalone renderers instead of having to go through backburner and 3ds Max. For some renderers this is something we can do on our end, for others not so much.

Hi Marc,

I think these suggestions are things we should do. Would it be possible for you to provide an sbs file with the visible if settings and nested groups so we can try to match it as best as we can?


We're looking at entering beta in the next week or so. The public release should be a bit after that. I don't have an exact timeline, but likely within a few weeks after that.

I don't think it's the opacity map as a whole, but that the plugin incorrectly handles one of the nodes used in the sbs, and it just happens to show itself in the opacity. The normal also renders incorrectly, so I think that is more likely.

Since I can have it render correctly in the new plugin, it isn't how you created your graph, but an error in the plugin. This is one of the reasons it's being redone, and we can make sure to add it to the tests of sbsars.


These are my results in the new plugin (still in development).

Hi joiecito,

My guess is there's some sort of engine incompatibility in the Maya plugin, I was able to reproduce at least the opacity map issue. For me, it renders completely white. The normal map looks like it's losing some details as well.

We won't be doing any more updates to the current plugin, but there's a new plugin that should be out soon. I tested it on that, and it looks like it renders correctly, so I think the issue should be fixed when we release the 2.0 plugin in the next few weeks.


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