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Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Import PNG with ALPHA?
 on: February 22, 2019, 05:15:56 pm 
That's odd, here's one of the PNGs I use, indeed, the one from above, so it definitely should work imported as an Alpha into SP. (I wonder, if importing as texture vs alpha makes a difference? ..Answer, yes.  If I import as a texture, I can use it as a stencil, but not as an alpha. If I import it as an Alpha, I can use it as either. Dunno if that helps). :-)

That's strange, I have a couple of custom exports and they save fine with the projects, including the export directory. Are you trying to use one of the defaults? I always create a new based on a default, it may be that.

Simply put, OenGL normals are the reverse of directX, Unreal4 even has a "reverse green channel" to cater for that. So if you're going to work in Blender, use the OGL normal, other engines require DirectX. Though normally, there are ways of inverting the normal if needed. Personally, I just amended an output set so it included both.

I'd say you still import as a texture, however, the "hard surface" is part of the std shelf, so depends if you have a custom shelf as well. I'm guessing that as you import, you just give it the identifier of hard surface in the provided box when importing.

If you choose to export youre images using an unreal preset, there is a "packed" option, which does exactly this.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Import PNG with ALPHA?
 on: February 04, 2019, 12:04:53 pm 
I've never had a problem, just import the PNG and then use it either as a stencil or a stamp. This tutorial was the first time I had a bash at it.

I've got multiple png I use for detailing and they work fine, that said, I did find one png which supposedly had an alpha channel, but it didn't work. I ended up loading it in xnview and re-saving and it was ok. I'm presuming this is the sort of effect you want.

If your PNG is 24-bit not 32, it won't have an alpha channel, in that instance, yes, splitting a channel out is a trick I've used, split it and alter levels to create an alpha / opacity mask.

It looks to me like there's a layer where he's using a line to paint where the stitches should go.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Import PNG with ALPHA?
 on: February 03, 2019, 01:03:36 pm 
Not quiet sure what you're after.
Once the textures are exported, then what was part of the alpha is redundant as it was used to paint onto the asset, but the whole section would then technically have no alpha, (assuming it was a decal), becoming part of the overall albedo.

If it really bothers you, on export of textures, you can always change the dilation mode to something other than "Dilation Infinite".

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: no access to subtanceshare
 on: January 28, 2019, 10:51:47 am 
They are smart materials, so you should be able to import them into painter.

I must admit, I'm a tad surprised any company would agree to a deal without, apparently, any actual decisions having been made as to what that deal entails. Once signed, basically, it leaves the door open to any and all permutations which suit the buyer and that just seems like a bad business move. Of course, if the thing that was agreed is employees get to stay on, (for now) and won't see their jobs change, (as things stand), then I get that. That was part of the deal the director had of a company I worked for, until it changed following a "restructure and streamlining". Maybe I'm cynical due to having that sort of thing happen on more than one occasion, so corporate speak doesn't hold much weight for me.
However, I am always willing to be surprised, but I wouldn't even get work done on the house without a solid agreement, let alone surrender my company.

I presume you've tried toggling through F1,F2,F3?
The only other thing I thought of is if you'd applied an opacity layer at full strength, but that wouldn't account for the axis disappearing. I tried various things, like zooming in to the "inside" of a mesh here, but 'F' always resets the view and the axis remains.
My only suggestion, create a folder for your material and save it as a smart material then create a new project with the mesh.


I hope Adobe will listen to Allegorithmic how 3D shoud be done and we will never again see a promo video like the most recen one

The difference between those two is night and day, in that order.

I think some of you might be missing the point of that video. I don't think any of the decisions they made were unintentional, or that the creators are unaware of what Painter can do, or that Adobe needs pointers on how to market their products better. The video demonstrates Painter in a way that fits in with Adobe's marketing strategy:

... It makes Painter look like it's on even-footing with Dimension[/b]
I think it's more than likely that the low frame-rate was a conscious decision. If Painter's viewer both looked nicer and ran better than Dimension's, it would reflect poorly on Adobe's own product.

Fair point that, yep, make your existing product look like it can keep up, though again, not sure that sets a positive light for how Substance is gonig to be handled. "Make it look slow N dumb guys".


this video is TERRIFYING indeed.
1)So adobe was on board for the last 2 years and thats how they showcase painter? even with 10 minutes youtube search you can figure out a way better 10 sec promo video material for substance.

This, very much this, C'mon guys, anyone who has used SP knows this is a really bad "showcase", any one of your current users could of produced better in 10 minutes. You know it, we know it.  Heck, I've not used SP for long, but I guarantee you, I could of done a better job.

I would add, joking about it isn't great, "hah, yeah, bad", I mean, you should not need to NOW give them feedback, that thing should never of hit the web. If Adobe put it out without running it by you, then mayhap the control you think you'll retain in the future isn't a foregone conclusion. If you truly are in control of every aspect of the substance software, surely the marketing of same is your remit as well?

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