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Happy new Year!

We'll be back soon with some updates to The Bounds Project Louisiana. :)

a) You have a really great look going on.  Thanks for sharing.

b) Please edit your older posts.  I see a lot of "Photo no longer available" errors.  Either reinstate the photos or remove them from the posts, please.
Done! ;)

Still working, step by step, the cells fell less empty, the room is filled with the main puzzle (a big machine). build V0.2.32

Build 0.2.30.

Working on the seconde level.


build 0.2.26 !

No spoiler. We focus on the presentation and the visuals. In a few days, I'll post the second part of the level the library itself.

Hope you'll like it!

It's been a very long time since my last post.

Everybody is working, the first level is approaching its final look. Painter was a life savior helping me to create very quickly credible materials (we have a process with modelers, that allows me to just select polygons for bevels etc...). I will do a lot of sculpt when all levels will be locked.

Cheers! :)

Same here, the 2D view is sooooo broken... :/

First time the new version is an ugly mess like this...

Tips if it can help someone :

Before creating a new project, open an ancient one (a clean one!). THEN, you create a new one. It works for me... And the new project is now clean (so far...).

For those who have a broken project.

Open the broken project and export a smart material with everything in the layer box.
Open an ancient project, THEN create a new one with the object of the broken project. The new project will be clean.
Drop the smart mat in the layer box.

Voilà, c'est tout beau et tout propre!

It worked for me, was a pain in the ass, but I managed to clean 5 projects like that, now they work fine for me.

But Please Allegorithmic, clean this ASAP!

Hope it will helps some of you.


Great work, it looks very nice.  :)

My only tought is that the lightwork is beautiful, but to showcase this you should maybe light this more neutral, there's a lot of coloring in the orange and blue/green lights... I don't know if you see what I mean.

It's just my opinion about presentation, the work itself seems very solid!

When it's too dark and you can't see, there is always hope! You just have to find it...

Let there be light!

First news about the project on a french videogame site!

As always feel free to follow us on facebook or on twitter. The amount of work is HUGE for our micro team, but that kind of support is pushing us to keep going!


I do like it.  Very nice looking.   :)

Thanks a lot! :)

First playtests are over, and I'm glad to announce that the level design, puzzle solving and exploration of the first level is LOCKED!

Many thanks to our testers, they were great, very involved!

Now let's take care of the second level!


Hello all!

We are glad to show you the first minutes of the early demo, played as for the playtest. We are working on adjusting a few things, but the game seems to do great and the feedbacks are very positive...

Since it is a narrative / puzzle driven game, we don't want to spoil you too much...

All is work in progress.

Made with UE4, substance painter, maya and Iray.

The definitive demo (2 full levels, 1 epilogue) will be available this fall on .

Hope you'll like it!

If you have any question, I'm here to answer.


Everything is going on, there is still a few assets unmapped, but the texturing is going very well (did I just say that Substance Painter rules?).

The lights are on set, I will just rise the lightmaps resolution when we'll make performance tests.

Hope you'll like it!

Second batch of screens!

Hey all,

I'm presenting Project Louisiane (working title), a horror pointNclik playable by controller or VR!

We are actualy 3 and half (...) persons working on it.

The goal is to provide a playable demo, and release it freely.

I'm working on the texturing right now and Painter is roaring! :)

Here are a few early alpha videos and a few screenshots.

You can follow the project on facebook   or follow it on twitter

See you soon

A few time ago I started a female character for an upcoming prototype.

Here is the UE4 render, more pictures and details at the link :

All the texturing / painting was made with Painter.

It was fun to work on a more simple graphic style. Painting the model is a pleasure with SP.

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