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Hey all,

I'm presenting Project Louisiane (working title), a horror pointNclik playable by controller or VR!

We are actualy 3 and half (...) persons working on it.

The goal is to provide a playable demo, and release it freely.

I'm working on the texturing right now and Painter is roaring! :)

Here are a few early alpha videos and a few screenshots.

You can follow the project on facebook   or follow it on twitter

See you soon

A few time ago I started a female character for an upcoming prototype.

Here is the UE4 render, more pictures and details at the link :

All the texturing / painting was made with Painter.

It was fun to work on a more simple graphic style. Painting the model is a pleasure with SP.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - WiP Fantasy Warrior
 on: August 18, 2017, 03:25:37 pm 
Hey all!

Just to share a Wip of my latest personnal work.

Sculpted in Zbrush, retopo and UVs in Maya and texturing with Substance Painter. Tried to focus more on texturing and less on sculpting.

Renders in Iray, the main goal is to export this badboy to Unreal Engine 4 and make him plyable instead of the basic UE4 pawn.

I will keep it updated,

See you.


Hey all!

I already use Iray for substance to make my beauty renders. The thing is I really would like to animate the characters I make with the same render I have in Substance (and Damn! That's a very pretty render engine!).

And there it start. I've got many struggles and for now I can't achieve anything good with Iray for maya.

The normals were a pain in the a**. A Good fellow helped me and yes it works, but now the normalmap is ugly as hell (needed to push to gama 2.2 in RGB channel lot af loss....)

I think the color map works, and the roughness, well maybe. But where is my metallic channel? Got specularity channels, but it's not what I want.

Here is where I am now. With the nodal system in the hypershade.

Far from...

So here is my questions :

1/ is there a way to avoid pushing the gama of the normalmap (another export setting? What is the format and the color space needed?)

2/ how can I add the metallic value? i don't see it.

3/ is there a better way to start a material with metallic roughness?

4/ can somebody tell me what is the good workflow and what I have to understand to create the good material to achieve the substance render quality. What shadders and what output format?

I would take any hint or tips!



Hi guys!

Need to clarify a few things, if I DO understand well.

I've got enough money in my live subscription to purchase an substance suite indie licence. If I purchase this right now, I've got the first substance 2017 suite (numberless version). What about updates (especialy performance fixes...)?

After that, I can cut my live subscription, still got the software. OK?

Now, what about the source download (got 267 avalaible...)? Do I loose them if I cut the subscription, or do I still got my 267 DL even if I cut the subscription? If, right now, still subscribed to live, I DL the substances, and after that I cut the subscription, do I keep all the DL substances?
If I want more substance, is there a subscription only for data source?

This is the finality : cut the software subscription. Keep the data source growing via source subscription (if it exists?...). And saving money if I can! lol

Thanks in advance.

Pierre. France.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Medieval Building
 on: April 18, 2017, 06:49:13 pm 
Hey all!

A quick practice, the goal was to create the minimum number of asets and build a complex structure with it.

Only maya and Substance painter, no sculpt!

Iray renders here, real time marmoset renders at the link

See you!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Monster Overlord
 on: February 28, 2017, 02:31:24 pm 
Hey all!

This is my entry for the cubebrush figure contest. Sculpt with Zbrush and texturing with Painter! Had a few worries because the model is totally non optimize, and working with 4K maps was too much for my PC.

But i was abble to work with 2K maps with the non destructive workflow of Substance and it worked great!

Anyway, here is some visuals, rendered with Iray!



I would like to know. I've created a project with imported texture in 4K. Can I switch to 2k during work and switch back to 4K in the end without loss of quality. I mean, will it destroy my 4K quality and will not be abble to recompute everything in 4K (all my imported maps are and will be 4K source.)?

If so I could work more easily, it would be terrific if the process is really non destructive ...


Hi all,

I'm working with Substance painter and Iray, and I have a memory problem.

Opening SP, the memory usage is quite regular (less than 2giga). I can work perfectly on it, no problem.

I try rendering with Iray, perfect, fast render, beautifull performance and visual, I'm delighted. Memory usage at the moment is 9 to 10 giga.

Going back to SP, the memory doesn't clean, Painter is awfully laggy, cut the otehrs running programs. Seen that the memory usage is still 10giga. Iray doesn't clean and "give back" the memory to SP. If I come back to Iray, the render is awfully slow (when it rendered 5 instances per second; it render now 1 instance in 2seconds...... :/ )

Is there a way to force Iray to clean the memory, or is it a known bug? The parameters are set to GPU only, it's definitely a Memory problem.

It's a pain because I can't make painter progress, check the render then tweak te Painter work. I need to shut down SP and re start it.

Really need a hand, it's hard working like this.

i7 6700K
16g ram
GTX 760
SSD with OS and substance painter on it.



PS: I posted first in the wrong section, sorry!

Sorry, it's a very noob question but I can't find any export option for renders produced with Iray in SP.

Am I missing something or is it only to check the quality in the viewport?

Anyway, help please!


Hey all,

I thought there was a free gametextures pack avalaible, but I can't find it. Am I missing something?

thanks for the help.

Pierre (substance live)

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