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Judging from that example above :

one the original file name was: udimRedshift_test_1002_Normal.tif

I don't think you are supposed to literally include the '<>' delimiters but simply replace the whole '<UDIM>' placeholder with the UDIM number.

Désolé, il n'existe pas de traduction française du logiciel.

Sorry, there is no french translation of the software.

We don't have a lot of specific documentation for programming shaders in Designer as we use standard GLSL shaders. Only the .glslfx files which specifies the parameter and textures bindings are specific to Substance Designer (see this documentation page :

However, unless you already are proficient with shader programming,  I would rather recommend you keep both separated outputs and merged outputs on your graph, rather than try to create modified shaders for Substance Designer's viewport. You can simply enable the separated outputs when working in Designer, and disable them / enable the merged outputs when exporting the sbsars for use in Unity. You can also just create a "utility" graph designed to convert from unmerged to merged  and just add that graph when you are ready to export to Unity.

The Blinn shader does not have lighting from the environment map, only "oldschool" mirror reflection, so only the point lights are used for lighting. In your case it looks like the point lights intensity is set to zero (or their color is black). 

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