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Thanks, I'm not 100% happy with this, but that's all I have time for right now. Fun to pick up a few new skills!

Close up of head with new facial details. LP record, 'Bee Gees' album, well worn with scratches and label. Added metal ring with small holes to look like a turn-table. Back of head is a disco ball.

Close up of the dance floor. Added some scratches and edge wear plus a lacquer layer over top to provide a glossy look.

Some details...not sure how much further I want to take this.

Did some more work on this:
- new vinyl and LP player face
- changed shirt colors
- hems on bell-bottoms
- cuffs on shirt
- emissive lights on floor and head
- still needs a belt, probably with a big, obnoxious buckle and a lot more details (buttons, etc.)

That's most likely the case; consumer software teams hate releasing before the weekend unless it's a major emergency since if anything goes wrong you wind up working through the weekend to fix it.

Still broken with 355.80...

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