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Obvious question first, do you have an opacity channel in your shader setup? Also, is you shader the PBR alpha blend? If not, you won't get any opacity at all.  With an opacity channel, simply set the layer to affect opacity only then apply a mask and use a stencil or projection painting.

Just create a folder where you want it on your system then go into the SP settings, choose the shelf icon and browse to a folder there, give it a name and click on the plus sign, it will be added. If you want this to be the default folder where new imported sbsar files are stored, then simply click the 'default' box for that folder. I do that for mine.

The id map shouldn't be messed up, I've never had that issue. The triangulation is normal and in no way should affect the resulting textures, as it's the uv space which matters, which remains unchanged.

Yeah, they are different, so you don't get exactly the same results. You can get some filters from SP1 on substance Share, (just search for SP_1), I used these. get's you close.

That really isn't about substance, more about your control of it in the final rendering software. When you export the image, you just adjust the UV mapping there to reflect the shift. So in Blender, if I had a 3M plane and it was UV'd to fit the whole plane, it would be 3x3, conversely, if the plane was 1M, it would be 1x1m. To make it look 3m on a 1m plane, I would shrink the UVMAP poly to 33%.

From a users POV, think of it as a fast way to build layered PBR image materials, a la photoshop but with a huge amount of cool features. Designer you can do the same but with node trees and it is far more "technical" in nature, Alchemist is much more user-friendly.

At present, you can't import custom meshes into Alchemist.

TBH, if I was doing that, I'd have the grille and backplate as two separate objects, there's a physical gap there.

Alchemist doesn't workj like SP or SD, the files it uses are stored as JSON files. The only way to add the materials is to drag them into Alchemist so it can process them.

File Sizes:
linen_upholstery_fabric: 33.3 MB (34,971,444 bytes)
polyester_stretch_interlock_back: 21.9 MB (22,974,876 bytes)
polyester_heather_stripe_fleece: 26.7 MB (28,094,326 bytes)

None of them will open in Player either.
Painter version:
Substance Painter, version 2018.3.3
Build 2900 - 0b25c4f4c3ad62881b75b5ec6672a75318ec2404

Going to try re-download

EDIT:  Re-downloaded, came out at the same file sizes, but now they do load into painter. Very odd!

BUMP!  No reply to this?  Only provided on source as sbsar so can't even use sbs to re-export and archive.
Again, to be clear, the following source files do not load into painter:




Windows 8.1 64-bit, GPU GTX1050ti

Come on guys, this is beyond a joke. You took the money for my subs on the 22nd of last month and I STILL have not had my points refreshed on Source. This is NOT funny.

I'm in exactly the same situation, still waiting.

My account is still showing Zero points on my subs even though I payment has been taken from my account for this month.

Content - Substance Source - Re: Materials with Stitching
 on: April 03, 2019, 01:08:33 pm 
I am also struggling with this, the video in no way makes it clear exactly what one needs to do to make use of the custom stitching capability of fabric resources, of which there are many.
As russell_3 stated as well, there is no stitch filter in SP, so is this some other filter that wsa renamed, has it been removed?

Surely someone at allegorithmic can provide a clear and simple example video / description of the process?

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