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As far as "conspiracy theories" goes, well... we can review those claims within a few years. We've already seen this song and dance in the past so I wouldn't mark possibilities as "conspiracy theories" when referencing historical events that have happened through Adobe acquisitions. These are very valid concerns and shouldn't be discounted. If nobody cared what would happen to Allegoritmic and it's products we wouldn't even be posting. Yes, some people took it a bit too far with death threats, and such... I personally had a good laugh over Adobe Dimension, and also voiced my thoughts on Adobe so if people consider that trolling, well... then so be it, that's their opinion.

Exactly.  According to post here most former mixamo guys were transfered over to work on Dimension.

I don't get how everyone acts like those worried that adobe can and will ruin this product are crazy people.  They literally did the same thing with mixamo a couple years ago, but at least us indies got another renderer out of that purchase :)

Z-Brush looks difficult to learn though, some say the UI is annoying...
How about 3DCoat?

If you do sculpting of any kind ZBrush is the undisputed king.  Nobody seriously even tries to compete with them on their turf.  I can't do box modeling so for me zbrush is simply amazing and a godsend.  Zbrush can't replace substance though :(

 They have a new uv plugin coming out though so maybe next step for them after that will to be to add 500 buttons to UI to compete with painter.  Seriously though you just need to learn what buttons are important to you and customize your UI.  Once you do that it's not so bad.

If we download the license file and choose the activate via license file option does it still check with the license servers?

I'm curious how big game studios are going to see this.  Do they mostly still use adobe products anyways and won't care?

It's obvious how indies are responding because most of us have been doing everything we can to escape adobe and autodesk.

The team at Quixel must be cracking open the champagne right about now...... It's like finding out that Mike Tyson has been paralysed and will fight you in a wheelchair, 5 minutes before you're due to go 12 rounds.

Does Quixel still require photoshop?

Hey I just tested this out.  So far no errors but there is still an issue with tiling settings not being detected and thus I cant figure out how to check in a material with tiling into source control.  So basically tiling changes are not carrying over across machines etc.

Repo steps:  Using a project under source control check everything in  so git report nothing to commit.  Then make changes to the tiling of the material under the sbsar file in unity inspector.  Git shows no changes.

I reported this issue awhile ago here,23756.msg102417.html#msg102417

Substance plugin 2.2.0 on unity 2018.3

Great thanks Wes and team!  Looking forward to giving it a try this weekend.

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: Consistent updates?
 on: January 03, 2019, 02:55:05 am 
Thanks for making that node Wes!

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: Consistent updates?
 on: December 23, 2018, 01:39:47 am 

Designer -> Unity


How do we combine the roughness in the metal alpha channel like unity expects using designer in this way?

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: Consistent updates?
 on: December 09, 2018, 01:51:53 am 
I'm with you here.  I don't think the plugin has ever worked for me without issues.  There has always been some big issue or workaround since they moved to a plugin.  I know Allegorithmic has their point of view that it's Unity's fault, but fact is every asset I have gives me hotfixes once a bug is reported.

I just had to remove the plugin this weekend because my project has moved onto needing nested prefabs so I'm on the 2018.3 release candidate.  All other plugins (that I rely on) fixed their issues with 2018.3 and released updates to the asset store well before the release candidate.

I'm now just planning on generating textures with painter and manually setting up materials.


I have similiar problem on substance 2.1 and unity 2018.2.14f.  When i change the tiling in the material unity does not detect any changes so I can't commit the material tiling changes to source control. 

Say I own 2018.1 painter perpetual license can I buy a painter maintenance license for $75 in 2020 and upgrade to 2020.1 and then do the same thing again every 2 years?

Hello we are troubleshooting differences between substance painter and the godot game engine.  Can anyone from allegorithmic answer the following questions

Is it possible to see Substance's shader code? I wonder if they're using the alpha value from 2012 Burley notes (from section 5.6) rather than 2015 Burley notes (section 3.3). We use the latter for the reasons explained in Heitz paper.

Yes we need this.  I feel the ground swelling under this engine.

Does anyone know if this is fixed in unity 2017.1?  I have not had a chance to try the beta yet.

Unity 2017.1 officially launched today. I tried it. No, it's not fixed.

Just came here to post that.  Really crazy that there has been a couple of minor Unity updates and now a major one since this was first reported, and its still not fixed...

I want to bring in some of these newer textures on source and most of the new ones don't work..

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