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Would something like shoes or boots be considered an accessory, or would those need to be created somehow with MD?

Looking forward to seeing what people make!

As they are (generally) stiff elements, they can be considered as accessories

Hey, just wanted to know some things before i start working.

As i understood it:
It is NOT allowed to use ANY software in garment creation other then MD.
(Not even to edit the in MD created garment with Zbrush for fold sculpting)
Is it okay to create the garment in MD export it to zbrush to fine tune ?

2.) Is it okay to redo the UVs if needed ?
(the mesh remains unchanged)

Nope: the cloth mat has to be made with SP :)

I was reading the rules, and submissions, but I was unsure on where we submit our work once we are complete. are we allowed to combine the two ?

Last are we allowed to export, and do anything in Photoshop at all?


Nope for the both questions

Hey, could you share a screenshot of your graph so we can see the relevant part?

visible if 1==0  8)
There is few chance that this case will be true in this dimension ;)

Hey, you can use a swizzle 1 node to achieve this.

Starting from a really small sample like this, it can be tough, and I think you would have to blend with other inputs.
In SD you can try the noise ubscale.

It's fixed now: look at the end of the blogpost ;)

AllegorithmicAllegorithmic - Discussions - Re: Substance Days 2018?
 on: May 11, 2018, 02:47:35 pm 
It should: sate and location will be announced soon ;)

Hey, could you provide your log file please?

Hey, I just created a ticket for this.

it can work in some cases, but it really depends of the input: do you have an example image?

Indeed: I'll propose this to the team.

Hey, can you join the log file as well?

Hey, if there is no sbs, it means that this is a scanned data Substance file (so you won't learn that much from the sbs, as it's mostly composed of scanned textures.

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