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Use: Ctrl+Alt+Right click on object to select that object's TS.


Shift + Right Mouse will rotate enviroment - same as in viewport.

You can add the Shift key to your rotation to snap to 90 degree increments - that should get you back to "0"

Camera snap rotate   Alt+Shift+Mouse left   (Windows) or Shift+⌘+Mouse left (Mac)


Substance Source is for subscriptions only - always has been.


The first couple seem helpful... I would contact them directly.

I do not believe so. I am hoping that we get a new color palette at some point, it's been hinted at a few times. ;)



Had same issue not too long ago - here is the response I received from support - it worked for me, maybe it will work for you as well.

Thanks for your message. We modified some of the information in our licensing system last year which might create an error message if you try to activate using your Allegorithmic account login information that are saved. To fix this issue, you will need to type your email address and password in the activation wizard again (instead of using the login information saved in the software).

We are truly at a "wait and see" stage here, and the Allegorithmic guys deserve the benefit of the doubt. Every possible question and speculation has been covered in this thread. The deal is done so let's just wait and see how it shakes out. :)

Subscription only at this point.

Yes - you can use on 2 machines, non-concurrently. You can download license files per machine or activate each with Allegorithmic account info (e-mail/password).


SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: Sub help please
 on: February 26, 2019, 02:00:23 am 

If I do the 9.95/month option does my version of Substance then update to the current one?


If I do that and get my Substance updated then cant keep my monthly do I still have access to the older version.

You will always own the perpetual you purchased AFAIK - not sure what effect the Adobe relationship will have but I believe that Allegorithmic has said this will be the case.

I know its a great deal but am out of work and in school to change careers so I really have to watch expenses.

I hear ya! :)

Having cooled off a bit overnight ... good luck to the Allegorithmic team. They seem excited about the change, and maybe they can beat the Adobe trend. I would be happy to go along with it but I just won't go the CC route ever again. :(

Another thing - I'm a bit disappointed you couldn't run that decision by your customers (we pay your salaries)  before making that decision. Like maybe a poll on the forum or something. That makes me think you don't really care what we think.

That's the worst news I could imagine hearing. Adobe is a monster I don't wish to ever have to deal with again. I'm afraid you just lost a customer.

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