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As the title says, I installed the new Substance Painter 2018.1.0 on my Mobile Studio Pro 13. And it doesn't open anymore (opens and closes in 1 second, no other info/log, I suppose it is because of the VRAM), so I am stuck forever in older versions.

First you stop supporting Material Layering and now this.... I am really disappointed  :(

I can´t get to update. I have a .sbsar with around 10 materials inside. I want to add a new material to the same sbsar but when reimporting to Unity it doesn´t update. 

Is there any way I can do it, without having to delete the old one, bring the sbsar again to unity and loose all my assigned materials??


I don't know why this happens, when I use a cage for baking the normals I have this result. The cage is made with the same geometry, so it has the same UVs and polygons. It is the last version of Painter btw.

When I bake the normals without the cage this is the result. It is nice, but still need some tweaks with the cage.

Substance Integrations - Unity - Material Layering Emissive
 on: February 17, 2017, 10:17:21 am 
Easy question, do emissive materials work with material layering?? I can't make it work. when the material has the Unity Shader it works perfectly, with Material Layering Shader is completely gone.


Since I saw the Material Layering Workflow I thought, that's the best idea ever!! I started using it in my workflow, the process is really easy (although I would like to be able to change the material parameters on Substance Painter... ).

Turns out, that I wanted to export some objects to Unity. And when I am using the .json importer I have nothing else than problems. Substance Painter exports 3 normal maps, but importer in Unity doesn't merge them, only assigns one. And also, when you have more than one object it assigns the same normal map to all of them, and you have to go one by one changing them. Also I have to change the .json by hand because the Material Path is like this: "//shelf/56635753a878472ac203a6653cc2b885ae7654fe.sbsar/A320_Plastic_Blue_Dark"
Finally merging the masks into one Composite Mask, doesn't work correctly neither, but if I merge the masks on photoshop and use that as a mask it works.

Is it going to be an update soon fixing all the bugs?? I decided to change the importer by myself but still...

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