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I have a low poly model that has multiple mesh parts (not combined), but all meshes share the same material.

I have created a model for a Color ID map that is the low poly (composed of non-combined multiple mesh parts) but with each mesh part having different materials and some faces in some mesh parts also having different materials.

I am aiming at having a single output texture set. I think I understand the limitations on this for substance painter, that's why I set it up as per the above.

When I bake Color ID I only get 1 color pick.

Can you please gimme some guidance what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you


Hi, I subscribed to Substance Painter yesterday and Substance Source continues to show 0 credits available, can you please update Source for my account so I can access downloads? Thank you for your help, Sergio

Hi, I work on a layer, then I create another layer and the settings of this new layer change the settings of the layer I had just been working on, hence loosing the settings of the prior layer.

Here's a vid link, can you please help?

Thank you, Sergio

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Where Lazy Mouse tool?
 on: March 19, 2018, 06:40:07 pm 
Hi !

I'm learning from a video and refers to using Lazy Mouse tool.

This tool is nowhere to be found, can you please help? Using Substance Painter 2018.1

Thank you for your help.


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