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fotos kostenlos

Hi folks,

This is the first contest i'm participating in. I hope I will be able to create something unique in this short time.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to particpate in this contest.
Good luck to all!

A few words about me:
My name is Kevin Abou Al Ward. I'm from Berlin (Germany). I've studied Game Art and Animation and Game Design at the Games Academy in Berlin. At the moment I'm working as product & hardware designer here in Berlin.

For this project I would like to put more effort into planing before creating anything in 3D. Usually, I just start by creating a plane or box and then cut things away until it looks good.
This time I will create a project plan. I plan on investing a maximum of 2 days on planning. I hope I can finish everything in time and don't have to throw content away.

I will mainly concept it on paper, so I will upload/link the photos (or scans) of it here.
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A Road-Trip You Never Experienced Before

A complete new way of traveling awaits you with the Octobus!

For the first time in your life you don't have to stay on the street, or the ground, or at land at all.
With Octobus you can reach places you never imagined could be reached before.

A cave under water? NO PROBLEM
A peak of a mountain? NO PROBLEM

With the patented 8-icle1 system you move smoothly and fast on the ground or through water. The 50 sucker pads attached at every tentacle give you the opportunity to climb all sorts of walls. With a suction power of 200bar per suctionpad you have got the abbility to transport 2 people and baggage with an overall weight of 500kg under ANY circumstances!
The brand new Ion-Proton Generator lets you travel for over 30 years NON STOP if you want to2. GUARANTEED!!!

Make sure to preorder an Octobus before we are running out of stock.
Pre-orde rno and you will get YOUR Octobus for a special price (limited time only)!

Now Only 99.999,00€

Don't miss the chance to make your Road-Trip memorable!!!

1= 8 Tentacle System
2= Only if used under moderate conditions and if every inspection interval is met
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Here Blockout Screenshots

First HP Attachments

More HP modeling ^^

Finished the HP modeling of the top part (without frontglass.).
And preparing for LP-Modeling and Baking.

Lowpoly for the Toppart


  • Fin Baking
  • Fin Topology

  • UV-Layouted
  • HP Fin
  • LP Topo-Fin

I had the idea to make the cabin transparent, that you can see the driver seat and console. But this is a "nice to have" and will be created, if there is enough time.

  • BM- Modeling (not finished)
  • BM-Tentacle Modeling (Finished)

BM= Basemesh
HP= HighPoly
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Finally i managed to get some more stuff done.

I've sculpted the Organic Bottom part.

Finaly some more stuff... Much work left to do.

Baking Process fiunished. Now it's getting more coloristic.


Hey Folks,

i'm nearly finished with the texturing.The main color is left and some small adjustments.

I've finished the texturing. Next is posing and compositing.