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Hey everyone!

Did a quick concept and got right into zbrush to start the model a while ago but never got around to posting it here.

Inspiration for the form and design is from Pachyloidellus goliath (type of daddy long legs), spiders, crabs and turtles.

Basic premise is that the creature hurtled through space and crashed into the planets laying dormant until a civilization or other event can awaken it causing it to rampage the planet consuming everything, and in the end causing a cataclysmic event which once again launches it into space in search for it's next target.

Just going to dump pretty much all i've done in addition to where im at now below and where im at now, will be interesting to see if i can actually finish it for tonight as i still need to pose it in addition to making some kind of pedestal  ;D

In the end it will probably be completely textured through substance designer and a bit in painter (if i have time!) not counting the masks.
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And a quick update post for a pose, took all morning to rig him up but it's done.

Looking to get it into UE4 for the beauty and hopefully make some sort of pedestal   ;)

Frantically fixing the last stuff before submission >_<

Somewhat late and a pretty meh beauty shot from UE4 (first time opening it up 2 hours before the deadlines = bad results...)
Honestly, the normal render of it was probably better :|

Should probably have worked with 2x 4k images instead of a 8x4 as it got reeeeeally slow towards the end (15+ minutes to open the file...)

Was damned fun though all the way through, specially working with substance designer as it is the first model that i wholly textured through it.

Should start working a bit earlier next time in addition to not saving all of it to the last week or so  ::)
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