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Seeing as there is still some time left in the contest i decided to make another substance, this time for the Urban category. Currently making an Asian city as a pet project where I plan to exclusively use substance for the texturing, thought I might as well get started with a piece street piece.

Currently possible to remove / add the lights and texture toning. Next thing up is the grout, after that I'm planning to add wetness and other fancy stuff to it.

Had to much fun to stop working, substance is just awesome.

Added some water plus the grout to it, going to fiddle with the lights interaction with the water as well as they aren't affected properly by it yet. Probably going to work more on the water as well just because it's fun to  ;)

Time just flies away when working with this  :o

Had some issues with my height map and water interaction (shot 3), decided to redo the it a bit and I think it looks a bit better now (shot 4 & 5).

Also added some more grunge to it and some special controls to add water into the lights. Not sure if i want to use it though (shot 6).

Think I'll add some sticks and larger faults into the slabs before calling it done.

...And exposing all the controls  ;D

That's looking good.  I especially like the embedded lights.

I know what you mean about time flying.  I'm still learning fundamental things along the way, but I'll have at least on substance I'm reasonably happy with, and one that I'll submit even though it looks like it was done by a 10-year old.

But back to you and your substance, yeah, looking good.  :)
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And done with this one

Added some pine tree (leafs, spreadings?) to the ground. Wanted to do some maple type leafs as well but decided to call it and expsose the controls and tune it a bit instead.

Currently has controls for:

1) Wet
2) Leafs
3) Grunge levels / Visibilty
4) Water inside the lamps
5) Lamp color
6) Tile Type (Flat/Lined/Raised)

It is possible to tweak a lot more stuff in it by going into the graph, like the tile height and so on but can't really make it an easy slider without involving some expressions and stuff (i think at least) into it as the wet part depends on the tile height.

General roughness for the wet parts and slabs is easily changed inside it though.
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